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What Qualities Should an Excellent Psychotherapist Have?

By Carla Rumeo, based on Rana Khan's presentation Some important qualities that all psychotherapists should possess include: Openness to clients who have different opinions, world views, values, and beliefs from yourself Being flexible yet knowing your limits about the types of clients you are able to work with and effectively provide treatment for Active listening […]

What’s the Difference Between a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Psychotherapist?

By Carla Rumeo, based on Rana Khan's presentation Psychotherapist Mainly uses talk therapy as agent of change within the client Examines how a person's ecology (exterior forces and activities occurring outside of the client) impacts their psychology (interior feelings and thoughts) Cannot prescribe medication, diagnose, or assess clients Psychologist (or Clinical Psychologist) Also uses talk […]

How to be a Psychotherapist

By Carla Rumeo, based on Rana Khan's presentation. So, you want to become a psychotherapist? Here’s how: Complete an undergraduate degree (BA or BSc) in psychology. Throughout your undergraduate career, you should: Acquire volunteer experience within your ethnic, religious, etc. community Search for volunteer or paid work within psychology laboratories Conduct a thesis research project […]

ParTEA with Psych Profs - Nov 8, 2017

During 2017-2018's first Meet the Professors event of the year, York's undergraduate psychology students had the invaluable experience of meeting and developing meaningful connections with professors who are experts in their field. Our wonderful professors were able to provide helpful advice about graduate school, research opportunities, potential future careers, and more! If you weren't able […]

Psychology Student Social - October 5, 2017

Here are some pictures from UPSA’s first event of the year -- the Psychology Student Social! This event gave students the opportunity to mingle with fellow psychology students and more importantly, to network with the Masters of Calumet and Stong College, Jennine Rawana and Mazen Hamadeh! We also gave a short presentation about UPSA’s new and […]