Peer Tutoring

UPSA offers free, one-on-one, drop-in (no appointment necessary) tutoring in several psychology courses, ranging from the core requirements to the historically difficult and highly requested. All tutors have a firm grasp on the course content, having received at least an A in the courses they are tutoring for, possess a minimum cumulative GPA of B+ and have received immense tutoring specific training.

One-on-one tutoring runs from a minimum of at least 1-hour per session. Students have a wide range of courses and time slots available to them.

Students have access to tutors based on both parties' availability and course selections.

DROP-IN TUTORING SESSIONS.  In other words, you do not have to make any appointments; you can just pop in at Stong College Room 111 (Junior Commons Room) during a time that a tutor is present (do consult the schedule), and you will get help!

Please visit our tutors in STONG 111 (aka the Junior Commons Room) during our drop-in sessions if you need extra help and individualized support. We've expanded our service to offer Health Psychology (PSYC 3170) and Biological Basis of Behaviour (PSYC 2240)!