Peer Tutoring

UPSA offers free, one-on-one, drop-in (no appointment necessary) tutoring in several psychology courses, ranging from the core requirements to the historically difficult and highly requested.

All tutors have a firm grasp on the course content, having received at least an A in the courses they are tutoring for, possess a minimum cumulative GPA of B+, and have received immense tutoring specific training.

One-on-one tutoring runs from a minimum of at least 1-hour per session. Students have a wide range of courses and time slots available to them.

Students have access to tutors based on both parties' availability and course selections.


FREE: At UPSA, we wholeheartedly believe and passionately advocate for meritocracy. Everyone should be able to achieve success, however one defines it, without any economic hindrance. Therefore, to make this ideal a reality, all our services, including tutoring, are absolutely free.

ONE-ON-ONE: Sessions are typically in a 1-on-1, tutor to tutee format (though this can be altered if there are multiple students at the same time). By and large, this endeavour is to ensure maximum understanding and catering to your own preferences and learning styles. 

DROP-IN TUTORING SESSIONS:  In other words, you do not have to make any appointments; you can just pop in at Stong College Room 111 (Junior Commons Room) during a time that a tutor is present (do consult the schedule), and you will get help!

Please visit our tutors in STONG COLLEGE Room 111 (Junior Commons Room) during our drop-in sessions if you need extra help and individualized support.